About TLC Therapeutic Services

Restoration of one’s self can be a scary and complicated process. We assist those seeking growth and restoration of self. We often go through life ignoring the emotional and physical pain we have endured because that is what we were taught to do, whether directly or indirectly. We aid individuals in applying Truth and Love to gain a better understanding of self. Importance is placed on the therapeutic relationship while striving to create a safe, supportive environment where we can work collaboratively on generating lasting transformation. Individuals are encouraged to build confidence, take control and get the results they desire. Therapy is a vessel that can help live a better quality of life.

Although life challenges can cause pain, it is an opportunity for growth. We specialize in treating emotional pain for the lower, middle, and upper class. Our specialties include substance use, anxiety, depression, and many other life stressors.

If you are trying to accomplish something that constantly seems to escape your best efforts, then we would love to assist you to get past the obstacles. Then you can allow yourself to rejoice as we work towards your progress.